Big data in health informatic


Here is the expertly explanation of this concept :

Development in the fields of biomedical and health informatics are driving major expansion in big-data, not only because of the sheer volume of information generated, but also due to the complexity, diversity, and the rich context of the data that encompasses discoveries from basic sciences to clinical translation, to health systems and large-scale population studies on determinants of health.

In promoting big-data as a source of innovation in healthcare and accelerating the translational pathways from the laboratory bench to the patient’s bedside, this special issue includes a collection of papers addressing some of medical and health informatics challenges related to big data. Papers submitted cover a range of topics, from bioinformatics, imaging informatics, sensor informatics, medical informatics to public health informatics. They also include initiatives that enable use of big-data analytics in health systems for improved clinical decision making, enhanced efficiency of care provision, policy development and policy implementation.

now we want to understand the meaning of it as simple as we can…first watch this video please :


According to the video types of information gathered from patient  are :

  • 1)Information the doctor collects such as : Heigh, weigh, blood pressure, cholesterol , …
  • 2)Sociodemographic data such as : name, gender, age, education, marriage status, …
  • 3)Informations that wearable technologies collect such as : exercise, sleep, food
  • 4)pharmatical and research data : Molecules, proteins, pharmaceuticals



As the target population grows, the data size grows => Big Data

But how can big data be used?

-Clinical Decision Support System

-Electronic Health Records

-Personal Health Records

-Remote Consultation

-Personalized Medicine

-Preventative Applications



What are Big Data challenges in healthcare informatics?

  • 1)Data security
  • 2)Data ownership => who owns the data?
  • 3)Which data should we pick out of data pool?
  • 4)Data storage






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